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Top Ten Disaster Movies

A disaster movies collection

Hollywood has often struck gold with disaster movies whether they are natural, war-released, or from alien attacks. Here's list of the ten best films in this genre.

  1. Titanic – The 1997 film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet thrilled audiences both for the captivating dialogue between the actors, but also for director James Cameron's life-like replica of a portion of the famed vessel. At the time the film was made, it was the most expensive film with a budget of $200 million. The film was re-released in a 3-D version in 2012 and made $343 million bringing the films total box office receipts to nearly $2.2 billion.
  2. 2012 – The film released in 2009 successfully preyed upon theories as to the end of world being foreshadowed in the Mayan calendar. Its special effects regarding the chaos of the earth's crust literally turning liquid-like was the biggest draw of the Thanksgiving Day season.
  3. Earthquake – Long before computer generated images enhanced special effects, this 1974 film starring Charlton Heston created a realistic experience of an earthquake in Los Angeles and its perilous aftermath.
  4. Independence Day – The 1996 film about an alien invasion engulfing the entire earth became the summer's biggest box office success grossing over $800 million at the box office. It's most memorable scene was the destruction of the White House which baffled audiences for its realistic portrayal.
  5. Signs – the 2002 film starring Mel Gibson again struck gold with the alien invasion genre from the perspective of a Pennsylvania farm family struggling to cope with their mother's death.
  6. Deep Impact – The 1998 film with its all-star cast featured the struggles of a host of interrelated characters dealing with the impending "extinction level event" of an impending asteroid.
  7. Armageddon – Released only two months after "Deep Impact", this film deals with the same impending asteroid disaster, but makes use of a band of rough riding oil drilling experts to conduct a mission to destroy the coming asteroid. Bruce Willis led the rescue crew.
  8. War of the Worlds – The 2005 reboot of the 1953 classic took the same alien invasion genre as the original, but did so inside the plight of divorced-father Tom Cruise regaining the respect of his children as the navigates them through chaos of the invasion.
  9. The Poseidon Adventure – The 1972 original film about the struggles of people to survive in a capsized cruise liner won five academy awards. The film was as much an allegory about faith and trust as it was about surviving a disaster at sea.
  10. World War Z – The 2013 film combined the theme of a violent pandemic as in the film 28-Days and a zombie aspect and struck gold. To date, it's the most successful zombie film to date.

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