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Iconic voiceover artist, Hal Douglas, dies

Hal Dounglas, the legendary movie trailer voice artist, died at 89.

Just a few would have recognized him if they had passed him by, but probably everyone that would hear his voice, would ring a bell.
Hal Douglas, iconic voice of movie trailers, died in Virgina last 7th march after fighting against a pancreatic cancer. He worked in thousands of movies during 40 years. The voiceover artist’s voice sounded in all kind of movies, like, for example: Forrest Gump, Con Air, Meet the Parents, Philadelphia and Legal Weapon.

Here you can hear a compilation of some of his most well-known works.


Douglas made an on-screen role at the trailer of Comedian, a documentary from Jerry Seinfeld. This trailer discusses about some clichés phrases in trailers and, although the movie wasn’t successful, this trailer has more than 800.000 views in Youtube.


Those interested on knowing more about Hal Douglas’s story should see this short film, titled A Great Voice. It discovers that he was also an actor, a pilot and a producer, amongst other things like the fact that he considered his voice wasn’t that good and that he thought it was “throaty, chesty, a voice in need of clearing”.


Douglas leaves 40 years in the profession behind but his legendary voice will always remain in all the thousands of movie trailers in which he put his signature on.

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